Work Package 2

Preparation And Adaptation

Aim of Work Package 2 is the translation and adaptation of the PLH program in each country and pilot testing which also includes training of staff and coordination with stakeholders.

The Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) programs have been tested for their effectiveness with non-professional but well-trained and carefully supervised group facilitators. You’re welcome to have the manuals, but evidence suggests that if parenting programs are used without properly trained facilitators they may be far less effective. The WHO states that these programs are still in development. If you do use the programs, the WHO would appreciate your collecting simple process data (on how the program is run) and outcome data (on how parents and children do before and after the program). This will help to improve the PLH programs and serve children and parents better. Please contact the PLH developers if you are interested in discussing training and/or partnering with them for data collection on For further information, please see: Link

Free download of adapted versions of the PLH for Children program:

PLH Facilitator Manuals:

Facilitator Manual English version (download link)

Facilitator Manual Macedonian version (download link)

Facilitator Manual Romanian version (download link)

Facilitator Manual Brief Romanian version (download link)

PLH Parent Handbooks:

Parent Handbook Macedonian version(download link)

Parent Handbook Romanian version (download link)

Parent Handbook Brief Romanian version (download link)

Working Group

Dr. Margiad Elen Williams