24 September 2021

Post-assessments for RCT completed

The post-assessment interviews for the randomised-controlled trial (Phase 3) were successfully completed. In a next step, the families that participated in the parenting intervention will be interviewed for the follow-up assessment (planned for Winter 2021).

23/24 September 2021

RISE Consortium annual meeting

The RISE Consortium met for the annual meeting. The meeting specifically focused on the planning of dissemination activities. This includes peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations and dissemination activities in the three implementation countries to enhance widespread and sustained use of parenting support within existing systems.

07 September 2021

A new RISE paper has been published in Family Process. The article entitled “Preventing child mental health problems in southeastern Europe: Feasibility study (phase 1 of MOST framework)” describes the main Pre-Post results of the Feasibility study (Phase 1). The accepted version of the published article is available here:

13 July 2021

Program delivery completed

The service delivery for the RCT has been completed: The last parent was conducted in Romania. The post-assessments are ongoing.

17 May 2021

Completion of recruitment for the RCT

The recruitment for the randomised-controlled trial has been successfully completed. 

06 May 2021

Completion of program implementation in North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the delivery of the parent groups (lecture and PLH) has been completed. In the other two implementation sites (Republic of Moldova and Romania), the program implementation is still ongoing.

29 March 2021

The informed consent for parents that participated in the optimisation study (Phase 2) is available on the RISE website now (see work package 3:

22 March 2021 - 26 March 2021

Start of the program delivery: the first parent groups were conducted in North Macedonia. These are part of the randomised-controlled trial (Phase 3). Prior program start, the parents were randomly allocated to one of the two conditions (PLH, 5 sessions; lecture, 1 session).

19 March 2021

RISE researchers contributed to a journal article on the PLH super study. This initiative aims to strengthen collaborations of researchers, policy makers, and (non) governmental organisations in the field of family support in low- and middle income countries in order to foster the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs at large scale. The commentary has been published in “Frontiers in Public Health” and is openly available here:

03 February 2021

Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) training for the RCT (Phase 3): The PLH booster training for the local coaches was successfully completed in the three implementation countries. In a next step, the local coaches will train the PLH facilitators in the local languages. Then, the facilitators will deliver the parent program to parents in the three countries North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and Romania.

18 January 2021

The first pre-assessment of Phase 3 was completed in North Macedonia.

07 December 2020

We started the recruitment for Phase 3: the randomised-controlled trial.

02 December 2020

Data assessor training for Phase 3 pre-assessments has been successfully completed in Romania.

24 November 2020

We have received approval of the ethic amendment for Phase 3 (by the central ethic committee in Klagenfurt, Austria). We will start with recruitment for the randomised-controlled trial as soon as we will have the approval of the three local ethical committees in North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and Romania. In the amendment, we have outlined a safety plan, in case parent groups will not be feasible due to local COVID-19 restrictions.

20 November 2020

Data coordinator trainings for Phase 3 have been successfully completed in North Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and Romania.

8th - 10th June 2020

The Consortium met for the annual RISE meeting. Because of the restrictions due to COVID-19, the meeting was held remotely instead of in person. During the meeting, the optimised intervention was selected based on the results of Phase 2. Also, the implementation of Phase 3, the randomised-controlled trial, was planned.

10 Mai 2020

The follow-up assessments of Phase 2 have been successfully completed in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, data collection for the Factorial design (Phase 2) is now complete.

24 April 2020

CORDIS, a website of the European Commission (EC) has published an article about parenting during COVID-19 in six languages. The article is entitled “Survival tips for families struggling with the coronavirus crisis” and the CORIDIS journalists are citing the RISE project. Please find the News article here:

15 April 2020

The RISE article “Hunger In Vulnerable Families In Southeastern Europe: Associations With Mental Health And Violence” has been published in Frontiers in Public Health. It is available here (open access):

March 2020

Given the restrictions due to COVID-19, the Consortium decided to cancel the in-person meeting at Lake Ohrid (North Macedonia) in June 2020 and have an online meeting instead.

March 2020

Start of the follow-up assessments of Phase 2 in the Republic of Moldova.

March 2020

A team, led by PI Dr Jamie M Lachman, produced parenting resources during COVID-19. These are based on the Parenting for Lifelong Health and aim to support families to manage the restrictions under COVID-19. The tip sheets are available in many languages including Romanian, Russian and Macedonian (open-access: A letter in The