Health for Youth Association

Health for Youth (HFY) Association was founded in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova in 2000, as a professional association with specific objectives dedicated to promote adolescent health and development, increase access to services and information related to general, mental and sexual-reproductive health of adolescents and yang people and supportive environment for they development. To achieve these objectives, HFY follow WHO systemic approach to improve adolescent health: 1) trough the improving of the normative base in this field by participation in development of legal and normative documents in the area, such as Reproductive Health Low, Child and Adolescents Health National Strategy etc.; 2) through the enrich data gathering process – are implementing researches in the area of adolescent health and development such as KAP studies in adolescent health and development, HBSC Moldova, ACE Moldova etc. 3) increase access for health services, especially for youth friendly health services trough the increasing human capacity in effective adolescent health care and health promotion – guidelines development, elaboration and implementation of training programs for specialists (doctors, phycologists, teachers, social workers etc.); and 4) through the improvement of the inter-sectorial cooperation in adolescent health and development promotion and creation of the more supportive community environment for adolescents, especially for vulnerable ones – advocacy actions with authorities and stakeholders from different levels, guidelines and programs for parents, informational companies etc. Health for Youth Association has rich experience in cooperation with UN Agencies, international donors such as Swiss Development Agency etc., is member of International Association of Adolescent Health.