Prof. Dr. Marija Raleva

Prof Dr. Marija Raleva

Prof Dr. Marija Raleva is child and adolescent psychiatrist and family therapist, Professor of Psychiatry and Developmental Psychopathology at Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, and a lecturer at the Institute for Marriage, Family and Systemic Practice – ALTERNATIVA.

She has expertise in the field of prevention of violence against children and prevention of lifelong mental health consequences of CAN. She was a National Focal Point for Violence Prevention coordinating the activities between Ministry of Health and WHO Country Office from 2006-2015. She was leading the interdisciplinary team for the development of National Action Plan for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (2013-2015) supported by WHO and UNICEF Country Offices and the development of Intersectoral Protocol for prevention of and protection from Child Abuse and Neglect (2014); Co-author of the Manual for health practitioners for prevention of CAN (2015); Contributor to the European Report on Preventing Child Maltreatment (WHO 2013); Member of expert team for developing tools to implement the European child maltreatment prevention action plan (WHO 2015). She was coordinator of several national and international projects on prevention of CAN. As a clinician and therapist she works with dysfunctional families with child externalizing and internalizing problems.

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